Church vs State

In June 2024 the State of Louisiana passed into law a requirement that all public classrooms—from kindergarten to state-funded universities—display a poster-sized print of the Ten Commandments.

This poster proposal sets the Commandments in an ultra legible sans serif typeface, while also teaching the essence of the First Amendment of the US Constitution—the separation of church and state. U.S. citizens have individual liberty to worship (or to not worship) however they choose without government intervention—hence the poster cannot celebrate both religion and nation at the same time.

Under the new Louisiana law, state funds will not be used to implement the classroom poster mandate—instead schools are required to get the prints paid for through donations. I will personally donate prints of this design (Risograph printed on 11x17 paper) in an open edition to meet the needs of any Louisiana student or educator.

Free prints are available to order now, and will start shipping on July 4th 2024. Prints are also available for purchase to help support the donation campaign. Free downloads will be available soon.

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