When the COVID pandemic shut down the world in March 2020 I felt incredibly anxious yet powerless. I posted about it on Twitter and offered up free illustration services, just in case that was useful.

A friend reached out who wanted to create an assembly manual for 3D printed DIY face shields for medical professionals.

Later that week I created illustrated instructions for a different laser-cut flat-packed design.

And a week after that I had the honor to work with University Hospitals in Cleveland to help them visualize the N95 mask reuse process they created for their entire hospital team. Within an extremely short period of time I distilled their process into a rough design, iterated with their team based on clinical input, and finalized a fully illustrated process that was put into use immediately. Truly a privilege to be able to donate my skills to help safeguard medical professionals.

I'm offering illustration services to anyone fighting COVID—reach out if you need help. My drawings aren't going to save this planet, but if I can help provide clarity to those on the front lines—I'm here to contribute.
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