Concept Definition

Giving form to emerging ideas & experiences

Ideas are the core of innovation. Getting insights to connect to execution requires organizations to fully explore a suite of opportunities and visualize portfolios of concepts to make strategic decisions. The best way to shape new products, services & experiences is through rigorous ideation sessions to explore new opportunity spaces and imagine future experiences.

Craighton has two decades of experience working with design-thinking processes which lends a unique ability to rapidly synthesize abstract opportunities into tangible concepts across a diverese array of industries.

Concept definition work samples are largely confidential—let’s connect to discuss capabilities in more detail.

Craighton specializes in both divergent ideation as well as convergent creative strategy: expanding the scope of ideas, defining new experiences, and giving dimension to abstract notions is balanced by mapping strategic conversations, framing product platforms, and considering the complexities of building a business model.

Concept definition is most powerful when executed using visual thinking—creating visual artifacts to bring ideas to life. Craighton’s illustration style is flexible enough to represent ideas for product design, user scenarios, digital experiences, and even diagrams and mapping for complex systems.

Craighton Berman Studio has helped shape concepts in many industries including transportation, housewares, food & beverage, entertainment, finance, medical, technology and beyond.

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