Microsoft ‘Conversations’ Zine

Illustrated zine bringing to life the stories of Microsoft thought leaders for an editors-only media event.

In early 2020 I was invited to come listen in on a special invite-only Microsoft event in Manhattan where they gave top tech journalists one-on-one time with thought leaders throughout the company. From that work I produced an illustrated story capturing the spirit and content from the event. When they went to throw the same party in early 2021, we all know the story—it had to go 100% remote. So I was commissioned to bring a similar approach to the event by creating a 24 page zine capturing the perspectives of 11 thought leaders. These were illustrated, designed, and Risograph printed & bound all within a few weeks.

January 2021
Creative direction & illustration 
Craighton Berman
Risograph Printing
Kent Henderson, 
Depression Press

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