Tour the States

Series of geographical illustrated pieces that started as an educational “live sketch” video, the original currently with close to 50 million (!) YouTube views over the past decade.

My first day of working independently back in 2012 I was brought in by “Marbles: The Brainstore” to create a live visualization of an auto-tuned rap song about the US states and capitals. They wanted to make a video to promote an album of educational music, so it was quickly shot in one take over the course of 2 days and the post production was done by the Marbles team. The majority of my visuals were improvised on camera, and the only underlay used was the outline of the US states. Millions of views later it's helped a lot of kids ace their US geography test.

Since then it has gone on to be a poster, a puzzle, a board game (someday?), and even spawned a global sequel.

June 2012
Craighton Berman
Marbles in-house team

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